Drivingtest.ie Collapses Under Huge Strain

25th of October 2007: The Irish government announces a clamp-down on provisional drivers who driver unaccompanied. Other tough new measures are introduced in order to reduce the 400,000 provisional that are on Ireland's roads.

26th of October 2007: http://www.drivingtest.ie/, the website for booking driving tests in order to qualify for your full licence collapses under the strain of worried provisional drivers booking their tests.


GammaGoblin said…
lol its the CAO website all over again. Surely you should have used the word "crash" instead of collapse though... and done a super cool pun on it!
Colm said…
And what sucks is that when I return home I would be illegally allowed drive unaccompanied. What a joke! Guess I'll have to get my licence here in Estonia.
Ambrand.com said…
I told you to do the test ages ago:), ah the joys of a full licence, who cares what rules they make its mine and mine to keep

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