Thursday, March 15, 2007

Cheers Cllr Michael McGrath!

For many of us in modern Ireland, the St. Patrick's Weekend remains one of the most important hoidays for Irish people. For some; it's religious reasons that the weekend signifies, but for most it's the chance to take a breather and spend some quality time with our families and friends. My favourite memories of St. Patrick's Day; are those I spent with my family, curled on the couch with Guinness in hand, catching the parade on televison (we're always too bloated from our traditional turkey turn to even consider making the trek into Cork city).

Invariably though, with the progress this country has made, product prices go up. Fortunately this St. Patrick's Weekend, I happened to hear Michael McGrath on the radio_today, unearthing a bargain to take some of the financial pressure off of the holiday. Michael informed Cork that Tesco were running a special promotion whereby you get a 24-can slab of Guinness or Budweiser at half price! I'm glad Michael was there to inform us of this fantastic deal, because I would never have known otherwise as I tend to ignore all advertisments.

Three cheers to you Michael!

(Cllr Michael McGrath, ready to go for St. Patrick's Day!)

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Ireland - A False Economy

We're constantly subjected to a PR barrage from the media/government about how we're "moving up the job value-chain" and "becoming a knowledge-based economy". When little nuggets like the following comes out, our tenuous position as a hub of multinational investment is exposed. SanDisk, who recently established an office here in Dublin reported revenue of $955 million, nearly half of SanDisk's global revenue of $2,300 million. Since the company employs 1,083 people worldwide, you'd expect that since the Irish operation would contribute a significant figure (hundreds of workers at least) to that workforce.

Infact, SanDisk only employ 4 people in Ireland.

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