Tuesday, January 30, 2007

That Wonderful Organisation, the BBC.

In what must have been a rare coup for BBC Sport, viewers were treated to Chelsea V. Nottingham Forest, live! However, between pompous nonsense about "giant-killing" and "the magic of the FA Cup", the BBC Sport team came out with a classic line about Chelsea's Lasanna Diarra, who was deputizing in the holding midfield role for Claude Makelelé.

about Diarra . . . "he's like a little Makelelé"

Now, from the official Chelsea FC website.

Claude Makelelé, height: 170cm, weight: 66Kg.
Lasanna Diarra, height: 172cm, weight: 73Kg.

I'm glad I don't pay their licence fee.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New Sinn Féin Product?

Following the notorious "Sniper At Work" t-shirts being pulled from the Sinn Féin online store, perhaps they'll consider my product to make up the deficit in lost revenue?

The Honeydew II Trawler Disaster and Uninformed Opinion.

It's a tragedy when two men lose their lives while trying to earn a living for themselves and their families. I'm sure the relatives of Ger Bohan and Tomasz Jagla are grieving much at the loss of these two men. However, reading through the Irish Examiner on Tuesday the 23rd, I was aghast at the comments of a certain John O'Mahony, friend of one of the deceased fishermen. He claimed that the Navy search effort was "terrible" and derided the decision of the Navy not to send in divers (in bad weather) to aid the search effort claiming "A sports diver could go down in that".

Mr. O'Mahony must have a very short memory. It was only last year that in a similar search for a sunken vessel, Navy divers called off a dive citing dangerous weather conditions. Disregarding this, a "sports diver" as O'Mahony eloquently put it went into the water to try and retrieve the bodies. The episode ended in tragically, with the diver being pulled from the water and later dying.

I can understand Mr. O'Mahony's urgency to get the bodies out of the water. What I can't understand however is The Irish Examiner allowed his negative and uninformed comments about the Navy being published. Lazy journalism I suppose.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Purgatory Nightclub Outting

Weary of the typical club and late bar scene of Cork City, a friend and I decided to give the alternative club in the Cruiscin Lan a try! Good almosphere (if you're into band t-shirts, long hair and jackboots), reasonable pints (served in plastic glasses though, boo!) and friendly enough folk (expect to be picked up if you take a tumble while moshing). One quibble was that the smoke machine had been set to ape-shit mode, giving an ominous Gorrilla's in the Mist ambiance if you were half-cut like I was.

I snapped this bare chested young go-getter in the process of trying to rip the railings from around the stage.

In the interests of bias, I sought an opinion from another Purgatory regular. I received a resounding, thumbs up! So there you have it!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Inflation Busting 6.4% Increase For Carrigaline Bus Eireann Commuters.

Average Irish Rail Fare Increase - 2.75%

Dublin Bus Fare Increase - 5-10 cent

Ok, ok, maybe I exaggerate slightly with the headline but in comparison to Dublin Bus and Irish Rail; the recent 30 cent increase of a return fare from Carrigaline to Cork City Centre is absolutely scandalous. I understand inflation is a fact of life, but if Bus Eireann are going demand above that, then I expect at least some improvement in service. An extra bus or two on during peak times, buses not departing from the Bridge in Carrigaline before they're due. Heck, would it even be too much if they could clean out the buses so as to remove the smell of dust/mould/mildew/sweat/urine/shit (yes, believe it or not, I was once confronted with a charming pile of steaming brown poo on the 222 to Carrigaline)?

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