Monday, January 22, 2007

Inflation Busting 6.4% Increase For Carrigaline Bus Eireann Commuters.

Average Irish Rail Fare Increase - 2.75%

Dublin Bus Fare Increase - 5-10 cent

Ok, ok, maybe I exaggerate slightly with the headline but in comparison to Dublin Bus and Irish Rail; the recent 30 cent increase of a return fare from Carrigaline to Cork City Centre is absolutely scandalous. I understand inflation is a fact of life, but if Bus Eireann are going demand above that, then I expect at least some improvement in service. An extra bus or two on during peak times, buses not departing from the Bridge in Carrigaline before they're due. Heck, would it even be too much if they could clean out the buses so as to remove the smell of dust/mould/mildew/sweat/urine/shit (yes, believe it or not, I was once confronted with a charming pile of steaming brown poo on the 222 to Carrigaline)?

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Ambrand said...

I wholeheartedly subscribe to your views on this matter and wish to subscribe to your newsletter. As a former user of 222 I know that it can be overcrowded/late/smelly/slow and the recent price increase is annoying, some will suggest voting for the opposition in the next election, or writing a letter to monopoly Bus Eireann, but alas the only real-world solution is to view the bus as a stopgap measure while you are in college/saving money then as soon as possible get your own car. I know this is not environmentally sound, but as I said it is a real-world solution

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