Monday, February 12, 2007

Media Frenzy Descends on Carrigaline

In scenes not witnessed since Kevin Kennedy's visit (aka, Norman "Curly" Watts from TV's Cornation Street), Carrigaline greeted Irish country music sensation, Richie Kavanagh (pictured below in Barry Collins').

In a world exclusive, carrigaline.blogspot photographers fought through throngs of paparazzi to snap the elusive musician. Kavanagh, who has had No.1 chart-smashing hits with "Aon Focail Eile" and "Dick On Her Mind" declined interviews merely grunting "Bebo" before hurridly making his way to his Toyota Hi-Ace van.

Dedicated to RK.


GammaGoblin said...

Outstanding! Richie looks as if he's going to pop out of the picture and chomp on your brain. If George Romero ever sees this picture, youre deffinately up for an Executive Producer role in the next Dawn of the Dead movie!

Colm said...

Where do you get all this stuff? :-D

Anonymous said...

thank you

Carrigaline said...

It'd surprise you who you'd meet while you're down at the shops :)

Anonymous: you're very welcome :)

resident said...

thats hilarious, never thought id see the day when richie kav graced barry benders with his appearence

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