Sunday, February 18, 2007

Dick Roche - Delivering on Affordable Housing.

In a fresh initiative to combat spiralling house prices, Dublin citizens who have been priced out on the market are now being given a chance of home ownership. The affordable housing scheme; applies to impovrished persons earning between €45,000 and €58,000 per annum who are unable to afford homes at market price. One hopeful applicant, sucessful strategic manager Geordan Sheehy-Skeffington (pictured below with BMW 7 Series and two wifes), spoke to us about the scheme.

"Roysh goys, I'm rawther miffed here. Loike, how in Gawd's name will I be able to face the goys in the Rugby club knowing I live in Loo-cun, ugh", "I suppose one must make do, afterall, one must keep his family in Prada handbags and Manlo shoes, roysh girls?" he said guffawing.

Later, in the press conference launching the inititave, Minister Dick Roche (pictured below) brushed off suggestions about those earning less than €45,000 a year who didn't qualify for the housing scheme as "inconsequential" and "pointless".

(inset, Dick Roche pouring milk into a political opponents petrol tank)


PropertyMoghul said...

45 grand to sign into the great irish property pyrimad, where do i sign up? :)

Colm said...

The evil pranks that happening in Irish politics! Sort of like being back at school!

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