Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Podge and Rodge - Saturation Point

Not content with presenting music award shows and presenting their own talk show several times a week, we now get these greasy Podge and Rodge delights.

What started with as a refreshingly different, ten minute show on Network 2 every week has now exploded in an attempt to milk the Podge and Rodge concept dry. I thought the scripted short story format suited Podge and Rodge well. The transition to improv however hasn't suited the talk show well. Too much recycling of clapped out gags and awful Z-list guests promoting their latest bit of unwanted tat. Who would have thought that the original pilot (DVD-rip by the way) would have spawned all this?

Keep flogging the crisps, bed clothes and dolls lads, it won't take long for people to get their fill.


GammaGoblin said...

I had meant to post about P&R myself for a while now. It's awful shite, period. Absolute Cretin-TV. I was never a big fan of the original but I saw its charm. This new crap theyre pumping out is just poor. Whoop de fuck, they can use the internet and show us what they find! Great, thats money well spent!

Theyre fucking off the britain soon anyway.

Carrigaline said...

They had Niall Tobin on about two weeks ago, the entire interview consisted of them going "Ya legend ya" while he struggled to crack a couple of gags.

Colm said...

The original format was was much better but I could only watch the first series or two before the whole thing became stale and tiresome.

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