Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Cork Anti-War Demonstrations Against British Navy Juggernaut

From page 2 of todays Evening Echo, I've put the interesting bits in bold.

"As Croke Park prepared to welcome the English rugby team on Saturday, the Union Jack was already flying in Cork today as HMS Severn (pictured below) sailed into the city on a courtesy visit.

The patrol vessel, which is skippered by Lieutenant Commander Rex J. Cox, arrived this morning with 32 crew members. The ship, which was built in Woolston Docks, Southampton, and is based at HM Naval Base Portsmouth, is part of the Fishery Protection Squadron on the Royal Navy. It will depart on Thursday."

According to the Irish Examiner and IndyMedia, Anti-War Ireland are protesting this visit of this British "war machine" (words used by one anti-war type). Fearsome stuff indeed, sounds like a veritable deathmongerer! In the interests of fairness though, let's get a bit more details on this machine. This site tells gives us a bit more detail on this fishery protection vessel. The formidable weapons compliment consists of . .

1x20mm BMARC KAA gun, 2 GPMGs

Yep, that's right, three machine guns.


Colm said...

Jeezeus, how that big monster sailed up the Owenabue I will never know! So where will the ship be docking, outside Lidl?

Des said...

The Helga was a fisheries protection vessel as well and look at the damage she caused..

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