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United American Healthcare Corporation (UAHC)

The United American Healthcare Corporation (Nasdaq:UAHC) is a tiny micro-cap company that is involved in management, consulting and financial services for the healthcare industry in the United States. Up until last year, the company was contracted by two customers to provide healthcare services. Unfortunately, the provider of these contracts (the State of Tennessee) has renegotiated with other entities to provide these services, leaving UAHC with no customers and no revenue as of the end of December 2009.

Since the cancellation of these contracts last year, management have been engaging in exploring "strategic alternatives" or to elaborate in their own words.

"During this review, all feasible options are being considered, including pursuing a joint venture or other strategic partnership, completing a strategic acquisition or merger, or liquidating our assets. Further, it is important to note that the exploration of strategic alternatives includes all industries that satis…