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Well Done Munster


Where Are They Now? Sean Thornton

He's only just turned 24, but it seems like Sean Thornton has been around the football scene for years now.

He started his career at Tranmere Rovers but it wasn't long before the highly-talented youngster was quickly snapped up by Sunderland. In his debut season, he was regarded as one of the few positives in the dismal 02/03' season where Sunderland scored what was then a record low of 19 points for the season. The high point of the season for Thornton came when he scored this cracker against Chelesa while still only 18 years of age.

After an impressive first season, his form dipped badly and he was eventually off-loaded to League one side, Doncaster Rovers. It was clear that then manager, Mick McCarthy was tired of his off-field boozing. Here's a few choice quotes about Thornton from the Sunderland forum, readytogo.
"Loads of talent and potential but threw it away. He was spotted in the Hollymere, slumped over his pint with a baseball cap pulled over his face."…

With the economy going down the shitter, maybe the Westboro Baptist Church were right after all!

Buying Stocks With Sharewatch

Buying shares in companies listed on the ISEQ index is a pain.

First of all, not only do you have to deal with the 1% government stamp duty on all purchases, but you also have to pay some pretty hefty execution fees.

Secondly, you've got to decide whether you want your shares to be held electronically, or whether you want the actual paper certificates. To have the shares held electronically, then you'll have to pay an annual fee. By holding the shares yourself, you don't have to worry about paying the annual charges.

Finally, you've got to decide if you intend on regularly buying and selling stocks. If you intending on trading often, then you need to choose a broker who has low execution costs (each time you execute a buy or sell order, you will incurr a fee). With this in mind, the small-time Irish investor has two realistic broker options.
Sharewatch offer a small trades, execution-only service, that let's you purchase shares for a flat rate fee of €50 with no annual…

Galway in Sticky Sex Situation Shocker!

Irish Independent 19th/May/2008

"Demands have been made for the immediate closure of a "lurid" sex cinema in Galway. Fine Gael Councillor Padraig Conneely said he was shocked to discover that such a cinema -- apparently the first of its kind in the country -- was operating in the city.

The 24-seater cinema is located behind a sex shop called Jade Winters at the Liosban Industrial Estate, on the Tuam Road on the outskirts of the city.

"There are 24 seats and patrons pay €12 admission. It is staffed by two men from eastern Europe and all efforts to contact the owners or manager have been unsuccessful," Mr Conneely said.

"Patrons are asked whether they wish to watch gay or straight porn films and there are a number of small cubicles in the cinema where customers can watch specific films. It all sounds quite lurid and it is not what we want for the image of Galway. We are a city of culture, not of sleaze."

He said that the premises was open from 2pm to 2am…

No One Subscribing to

I was interested to hear Geraldine Kennedy remark that only has between 8,000 and 10,000 paying subscribers and that it was "struggling to break even". I must say I was rather surprised that such a long-running service was attracting such few numbers.