Monday, May 19, 2008

Galway in Sticky Sex Situation Shocker!

Irish Independent 19th/May/2008

"Demands have been made for the immediate closure of a "lurid" sex cinema in Galway. Fine Gael Councillor Padraig Conneely said he was shocked to discover that such a cinema -- apparently the first of its kind in the country -- was operating in the city.

The 24-seater cinema is located behind a sex shop called Jade Winters at the Liosban Industrial Estate, on the Tuam Road on the outskirts of the city.

"There are 24 seats and patrons pay €12 admission. It is staffed by two men from eastern Europe and all efforts to contact the owners or manager have been unsuccessful," Mr Conneely said.

"Patrons are asked whether they wish to watch gay or straight porn films and there are a number of small cubicles in the cinema where customers can watch specific films. It all sounds quite lurid and it is not what we want for the image of Galway. We are a city of culture, not of sleaze."

He said that the premises was open from 2pm to 2am and he wanted Galway City Council to immediately investigate it and have the cinema closed down.

"We can have a liberal agenda but there are limits. There are adult shops in a lot of towns and cities but this is unacceptable and I want this cinema closed," he insisted.

A garda spokesman said he was not aware of any complaints to date about the Galway cinema.
If a complaint was received, all of the circumstances surrounding the operation of the cinema would have to be looked at and it could be a matter that might need to be referred to the film censor."

That's the only comment I feel this thread needs.


Paul said...

you should take the missus, couples get in for free

Carrigaline said...

Maybe I will Paul! I would have to send a little thank you note to Padraig on highlighing the availability of free smut show in Galway though!

Cheers Padraig!

Anonymous said...

Never heard of this cinema before this case arose.
Thanks for Padraig now hundreds of thouands of people know about it.
My favourite city is Amsterdam anyway.
Have to go and visit this place in Galway. I am very curious about it.
(Irish are very stupid in general. The Councillor never minds when Irish girls f°ck in the bush on a Saturday night with a stranger and then go for the morning after pill, or - what is worse -go for abortion in the UK.)

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