Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Magners or Bulmers?

Took this piccy while in Tesco's. Interesting to see that U.K. branded Magners has found it's way to Ireland. Either we Irish can't get enough of the stuff, or the Brits aren't swallowing the multi-million Euro advertising campaign that has been unleashed accross the water.

Interesting to note what C&C would make of Tesco damaging the brand awareness of Bulmers cider by introducing a copy. Perhaps they couldn't give a toss as they hope to flog the company anyway.


Des said...

I believe it's because Tesco bought wagonloads but teh UK summer didn't materialise so now they are flogging them anywhere they can.

Being Tesco they can just give C&C the finger if they complain.

Carrigaline said...

I take it you won't be filling your boots on C&C shares then Des? :)

Des said...

After the .com debacles I'll leave shares well enough alone...

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