Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bebo Fools Incriminating Themselves

From RTÉ News

Students urged to start house hunt Wednesday, 6 August 2008 15:56

Third level students in Dublin are already being urged to find a place to live for the upcoming academic year as soon as possible.

Leaving Certificate results are not being released until next week.

However, the Union of Students in Ireland say 90% of rentable student properties in the city will be gone by the end of this month.

It is warning that students risk being forced into staying in B&Bs unless they start searching for accommodation soon.

21-year-old I****e M****n from Clonmel, Co Tipperary, who is studying at Trinity College, says every year it is a struggle to find accommodation for the college term.

'Last year I looked for eight weeks, couldn't find anything. I even contemplated getting a place with no windows - it was €550 a month,' she said.

Ms Moylan said that many people would pay €500-550 to rent in Dublin city centre, or around €450 for a shared room.

'This year a lot of my friends were rejected from campus accommodation, as was I, so that made it even more difficult, because in fourth year you're kind of banking on getting on campus.'

Students need to be 'on the ball' - USI

She urged students to start looking early. 'Once September hits, everyone gets back from America or wherever they were on holidays and everyone starts looking, it's so hard to find a place.

'And also a lot of places don't take students - they'll only accept professionals so if you find a place now you just take it, and you pay the extra couple of months' rent.'

USI President Shane Kelly said some problematic accommodation remains around the city. 'We hear from students who are trying to rent in places where they have an outside toilet or a toilet shared between 15 apartments.'

But he said that while such situations still existed, they were only experienced in a minority of cases.

He said students were already on the look for places for next year, and added that the search would intensify after the Leaving Certificate results are issued.

'So really people need to be on the ball now if they're trying to find a decent accommodation close to where they're thinking of studying,' he said.

Naoise McNally of property website says there is approximately double the amount of rented property on the market compared to last year.

She said that this should make it easier for students to find a property, and added that rents were falling.

'They're not dropping by huge amounts in nominal terms - we're talking about 2% across the board - but it does vary significantly from region to region and from area to area in the city.'
The USI said that while there were more properties on the market, demand for rental housing had also increased.

I've underlined the pertinent bit in bold. Googling the young Ms. I****e M****n reveals the young lady has a Bebo page! Lots of pictures of boozing and a nice little anecdote about having to get the firemen out because some of her friends decided it would make a super spot for a mosh pit.

All I can say is, little wonder she should have trouble finding a place to stay!

Her bebo.


Olive Carter said...

Generally I enjoy reading your blog. Unfortunately, I feel I have to pick you up on this particular piece. After reading it, I decided to look at this girl's bebo page myself. I think it is important to point out two things. Firstly, the story about a fireman appears to be due to a faulty lift - there is no mention of any wrongdoing on the part of the inhabitants of the apartment. Secondly, if you were to look at the bebo profile of any youngster these days, I am sure that you would find plenty of photographs of young people consuming alcohol - for good or bad (most probably the latter), this is a part of our society today. I think that it is very unfair of you to target this young girl in this way. However, I think your blog does highlight the danger of the lack of privacy of some networking sites on the internet. I look forward to reading more of your blogs, and hope that you will be more fair in future.

Carrigaline said...

That's fair enough Olive, however, I will pick you on a few points!

First of all, this isn't a "youngster" or a "girl". She's 21 years old, she's a grown woman.

Secondly, she has obviously made the consious decision to make her profile public. I would consider this an incredibly foolish choice to make. I personally couldn't care less what she does in her spare time, however, many people (including employers) would hold her lifestyle against her in an interview.

If you don't think it happens, I can assure you, it does. My boss will always google a person before an interview.

Olive Carter said...

Point taken, but people of all ages have photographs of alcohol consumption on their bebo pages, whether they are 16 or 36, although we are in complete agreement on the subject of public profiles on bebo!

However, whilst reading your blog again, I definitely feel a sense of bitterness towards "young people these days". I mean is it really necessary to provide the link to her bebo page?!

Gamma said...

It's pointless to argue over the semantics of the word "youngster". You are both referring to the same age bracket.

If 21 can't be called young though, then I think I had better draw down the OAP on Monday, at the positively decrepit age of 27.

To describe this woman as "grown" is inaccurate as the average human female doesn't stop growing until her mid twenties when ossification of bones is complete. Mentality, of course, is always growing.

Has Bebo changed the privacy policy of newly created profiles? When I signed up in the past, I had to opt out of having my profile made public by default.

Carrigaline has every right to link to her Bebo page, the article is about her after all, and it's set to "public" so he's not breeching any privacy laws.

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