That Wonderful Organisation, the BBC.

In what must have been a rare coup for BBC Sport, viewers were treated to Chelsea V. Nottingham Forest, live! However, between pompous nonsense about "giant-killing" and "the magic of the FA Cup", the BBC Sport team came out with a classic line about Chelsea's Lasanna Diarra, who was deputizing in the holding midfield role for Claude Makelelé.

about Diarra . . . "he's like a little Makelelé"

Now, from the official Chelsea FC website.

Claude Makelelé, height: 170cm, weight: 66Kg.
Lasanna Diarra, height: 172cm, weight: 73Kg.

I'm glad I don't pay their licence fee.


Carrigaline said…,17033,8749_1882192,00.html

Bah, I thought I was the only one to notice!

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